From Tulsa to Bama to the Bay

The Early Days

Josh began to rely on football at an early age as an escape from his life. He began playing as a defensive end at the junior football level before transitioning into a running back. Josh quickly showed his talent when he began playing at McLain High School in Tulsa and soon began putting up outstanding numbers and leading the entire state of Oklahoma in rushing at the high school level. 

However, due to his school’s lack of a reputation and recruiting tactics, Josh barely received any Division I offers and was not ranked on the 5-star recruitment scale for a while. After rushing for 5,372 yards and 58 touchdowns, Josh only saw D-I offers from New Mexico State and Wyoming. His home-state university, Oklahoma, would not even give him a chance. Thanks to a fan, Josh was introduced to Twitter where he started to share his highlights and success on the field. This became a turning point for his recruiting. Several major Division I programs, including Alabama, began to reach out to Josh and the offers began to flow. Josh knew that Alabama already had a competitive backfield, but he wanted to prove to everyone that he was one of the most underrated players in the country. He was getting offers, but still was only ranked as a 3-star recruit. Josh wanted to be on the biggest stage possible so that he could show his worth. He knew he had to play for Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa.

"I just never looked at our life as a struggle. To me, it was just life. It was all I knew."


"Be good. Work hard. Have faith."


The Crimson Tide

When Josh got to Alabama, he was the third back behind Damien Harris and Bo Scarborough. He played in 14 games as a Freshman and rushed for 567 yards and added 156 receiving yards in an impressive rookie campaign. Josh made a major impression on the Crimson Tide coaching staff and came back his Sophomore year as the undisputed starting running back. However, during training camp, Josh tore his hamstring and had to miss the first two games of the season. Later in Week 5, Josh sprained his ankle and his season was completely altered. He only had 46 carries for 284 yards, and he needed surgery at the end of the season. Josh heavily considered transferring so that he could get more reps and recognition but decided to stay with Alabama.  In his final season, Josh finally started to get the recognition that he had always yearned for and deserved. His Junior year was highlighted by several key performances. He rushed for 97 yards on 20 carries against Mississippi State and the serious NFL talks surrounding him commenced. In the SEC Championship game against Georgia, Josh ran for 83 yards on only 8 carries and followed that performance with 158 total yards in a victory against Oklahoma in the National Semifinals. Alabama eventually lost to Clemson in the Championship game, but Josh had impressed several NFL teams and scouts. He told his father that he wanted to declare for the draft and promised him that one day, he would finish his undergraduate degree.

A Draft to Remember